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OmAcme is a manufacturing unit specializing in chair, sofas, dining tables, and other office and institutional furniture. We believe in efficiency and distinguish ourselves as specialized makers of furniture that showcase our high quality and design. We exceed our customer expectations with our impactful offering of designer furniture. 'To provide just the very best', describes the working culture at OmAcme.



Mr. G.S DAGA brought/invented the technology of hot press moulded plywood first time in India and started the manufacturing of moulded ply with only 600sqft unit and a capacity of 5000pc a month and the journey of Om Ply started.


We started manufacturing single shell moulded plywood first time in India which is a common ply now a days used in many chair.


As a increasing trend in moulded polished plywood we started our own hi-tech polishing unit. 


We started our first upholstery unit in which we started producing PVC upholstered ply


We started adapting high frequency moulded plywood machines to decrease the time of production per ply.


The big leap when the brand omacme® was incorpoated and registered this was the starting of a seating industry tycoon Mr. Ajay Daga.


For quality production of our chair frames we installed 2 CNC 5x bending machine to make every bend in the frame accurate and flawless.


We started our state of the art chrome plant with 36 processing tanks for chrome coating of chair frames it is still one of the top chrome plants in seating industry, India. We also started our plant of manual powder coating 


From this year we started to cater and develop all types of seating furniture i.e. office furniture, cafe furniture, banquet furniture, hotel furniture, educational furniture, auditoriums, public seating.


Expansion of our setup was completed with an area of 110,000 sqft under one roof in kolkata.


For quality production we upgraded to full robotic 50ft powder coating plant.


Even after getting a backlash due to covid-19 we did not stopped our development and we started to enter home furniture segment with our top notch developments in dining chairs, tables and sofas 


Seeing developing depend for our products in retail segment we inaugurated our first furniture studio/showroom in Kolkata. We also started to manufacture metal multi-seater for public seating with robotic arm wielding.


We are thrilled to announce our pioneering adoption of full automatic laser metal pipe cutting technology, marking a significant milestone as the first Indian Seating furniture manufacturer to integrate this cutting-edge innovation. With a substantial investment in research and development, we are poised to deliver impeccably precise designs, leaving no room for error.


We are delighted to announce our adoption of in-house moulded foam manufacturing for our revolving chairs and Luxe series. Over the next five years, we will backward integrate to ensure superior quality and competitive pricing. This strategic move enables us to provide a memory foam-like experience in all our chairs, enhancing comfort and satisfaction for our valued customers.

"Finding Inspiration in Every Turn"